Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tech Camp 2014: Share Your Brilliance!

Since Tech Camp is just around the corner, and also what has been consuming the majority of my thoughts lately, I figured what better topic to blog about for our first blog post!  

Tech Camp is a professional development opportunity for teachers in our district, as well as surrounding districts, to learn more about integrating technology into their teaching, learning, and overall professional life.  There are so many tools available to teachers that make teaching not only infinitely more engaging for students, but also help teachers themselves to grow in their practice.  I personally believe that integrating technology into curriculum is as important as integrating basic literacy skills.  It's no longer an option for teachers to remain entrenched in the status quo while students graduate deficient in the most basic 21st century skills.  We all need to keep growing, changing, and learning together!

Tech Camp is going to be an awesome place for teachers to inspire one another to think outside the box.  The sessions are a combination of learning how to use organizational tools to enhance professional practice, exploring ways to integrate fun tools for students, as well as overall basic training on new devices.  Many of the sessions are for inexperienced users, but we have to start somewhere!  The real hope is that those teachers who feel they already have mastered some of the more basic tools and concepts would share their wisdom with their colleagues.  The second day of Tech Camp will be in the EdCamp style, meaning we will decide what sessions will be then and there, as well as who will lead them!  Please step up and inspire others!  The Department of Innovation has only four of us, but there are hundreds of teachers out there with brilliant ideas that are doing amazing things with their students!  

Consider a discussion you could lead for your colleagues--  A device you use, an online tool your students like, an idea of how to integrate particular curricula through technology.  The level of technology integration and innovation in a district starts and stops with teachers. Integrating new tools and using new methods can be scary, but asking questions, leading discussions, and supporting each other will open doors to collaboration and ignite innovative thinking throughout the district! 

Share your brilliance!

Mandy Stanton


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